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The way to protect your vulnerable animals from attacks by foxes and other night predators. 

The way to protect your vulnerable animals from attacks by foxes and other night predators.

*Buy Foxlights online here. Foxlights are designed as a deterrent of night predators, but may not succeed against all attacks.

The fox was brought to Australia by early settlers for the purpose of horse and hound hunting. Foxes, along with domestic cats that have turned feral, have been paramount in the near decimation of many of our native species.  The main agricultural impact from foxes is predation on lambs, kids and poultry. Foxes are thought to prey on up to 30% of lambs and kids in  some areas.

Common fox control techniques include lethal baiting (1080 poison), shooting, trapping, den fumigation, and destruction and exclusion fencing.

Considerable economic and human resources are dedicated to preventing fox predation.

Foxes are increasing in numbers every year and all means to eradicate them should be taken. Foxlights will assist in the protection of vulnerable animals but not in the controlof fox numbers.


Most fox attacks will occur within the first 24 hours of an animals’ life. Twins are the most at risk, while the second lamb or kid is being born; the first-born will wander off bleating, unprotected and thus be prone to attack.  Lights are best concentrated around campsites on star posts. Set up on the crest of hills they should give protection over a large area. 

As to number requirements, we suggest 4 lights for 100 ewes, 6 lights for 200 ewes and 10 lights for 1000 ewes.

This is a rough guide only as there are large variances due to ground undulation and vegetation coverage.  The Australia national cost of fox predation on lambs alone is estimated to be between 100 and 200 million dollars per year.



In the case of free-range poultry, one light set near roosting pens or sleeping area, should keep foxes away at night.
If the fox doesn’t visit the hen house while hens are shut up then it is less likely to wait for or return the next morning to attack when the hens come out to feed. 
When ducks or geese camp on or near farm dams they are most vulnerable to foxes, but a Foxlight set up near their camp should give them protection.


Foxlights have been found to give protection against fox and wild dog attack on small ground dwelling species.
Lights should be set on the perimeters of rookeries or night habitat areas, and at a distance not to disturb protected wildlife.
People are at present using Foxlights in conserving endangered wildlife.


Farmers  have tested the Foxlight against wild dogs in Australia, coyotes in North America and wolves in Europe. They have been  delighted with the results.



Young Foxes can cause significant damage to Silo Bags, when playing on top of them, if they fall down one side of the bag, their claws dig into the plastic and tear the bag open .


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